Snow Mass Drive: First Time Home Buyers

Snow Mass Drive: First Time Home Buyers

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We understand that life happens! This is exactly how we got in touch with Casey Rubly and her husband. Having purchased and lived in a home, the Rublys moved for their careers. Often as homeowners in this situation do, they made the decision to become property managers and rent out the property. They soon realized they were spending more time and money managing the property than they were paying the mortgage on the house. To avoid sinking more cash into the house in order to list the property, they decided to sell it as-is and let us handle the renovations. We bought the house all cash and saved them the trouble of renovations and the parade of independent contractors. 

At Central Development Group, we want to make the process of buying or selling a home incredibly transparent and easy! Honesty and communication are pillars of our business model. We have knowledge when dealing with large investments, especially in the real estate industry. Investors, buyers and sellers often have countless questions, and our expertise in the field gives all parties peace of mind. This is why so many private lenders work with us, not just once but through multiple investment deals.


“We had such an amazing experience with Joe when selling our home. He made us feel comfortable and was always up-front and honest, which made the process so smooth. I would highly recommend his services.”

-Casey Rubly, homeowner


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To get rid of your property give him a call at 573-442-2727, or email  at

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