Covered Bridge Road: Location, Location, Location!

Covered Bridge Road: Location, Location, Location!

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The key to success with this particular house was choosing the right location. Just off Route K, this area offers quiet and peaceful living only minutes from the heart of Columbia.

With a spacious lot situated on 3.5 acres and plenty of character and charm, we knew this house wouldn’t last long and made the offer while standing in the living room the day of viewing the home.

In need of renovation, this house had seen three generations of kids run through its halls. The aging homeowner was ready to move closer to her family when she decided to sell. After 10 months of renovations, the house was listed and sold.

After the home was reintroduced to the market, a couple fell in love with its balance of modern updates and original charm, and they put an offer down. At Central Development Group, we pride ourselves in helping and educating you along each step of the process. We were able to close quickly by providing our personal lender connections to the purchasing couple to ensure they received the best care during their home-buying process.

At the end of the day, we do this to create authentic connections with home buyers to ensure our community neighborhoods are renovated and property values increase. We also maintain long-term partnerships with our investors and know they will be excited to work with us on our future projects!


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