How to Avoid Foreclosure & Keep Your Home

Posted by Joe Greaves // January 2, 2018

  What would a foreclosure mean for you? Sell the car? Move back in with mom and dad? Lose your dream home? We don’t want you to be unprepared in case of job loss, medical emergency or market crashes. Before you own your home in full, you could be at risk for foreclosure. In Missouri, […]

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A Solution for Mom & Dad: “Granny Pods”

Posted by blogger // December 22, 2017

                          Mom and dad are getting older and it’s time to make that big decision… where are they going to live? Sure, there are nursing homes, assisted in-home care and always the option to move them in with you, but what if there […]

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Christmas Gifts for Coworkers

Posted by Joe Greaves // November 29, 2017

Its that time of year for giving.  Many offices will have Secret Santa or maybe you just exchange gifts with some of your lunch mates from your office.  It is always hard to know what to buy in these cases. After some research, we have compiled a list of gifts that your coworkers might appreciate.  […]

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Moving On !?!

Posted by Joe Greaves // November 27, 2017

  So, the last flip didn’t work out so well.  The failure of the “sure thing” you thought you had makes you question your team, your process, and mostly yourself.  It healthy to examine the issues so that you do not repeat them in the next project. You take away the lesson and move onto […]

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A New Twist on Leftovers

Posted by Joe Greaves // November 25, 2017

You can really make these turnovers using any of your Thanksgiving meal leftovers – adding what we suggest here in the recipe – or other side dishes your family typically serves.  No matter what leftovers you use for the filling, we think a must-add ingredient is leftover cranberry sauce – the sweet-tart flavor adds a brightness […]

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Let the Lights Shine!

Posted by Joe Greaves // November 22, 2017

Thanksgiving is that magical moment that begins the season of joy.  We here at Central Development Group, LLC want to take a moment to say thank you for a wonderfully productive year.  It takes the whole crew to make our projects come to life.  We are grateful for everyone’s hard work.   To start off […]

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I am Unique!

Posted by Joe Greaves // November 20, 2017

You have all heard the old saying that no two snowflakes are the same. However, science tells that they start out the same.  They develop from the formation of six water molecules.  As they fall through the atmosphere other water molecules attach and form branches.  The variables that can affect the way it forms are […]

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Let’s Talk Turkey

Posted by Joe Greaves // November 17, 2017

Anyone can make a turkey right!   Step one letting the turkey chill, right?   Okay, so maybe this isn’t exactly what they had in mind.  But we’ve  got answers to some of your burning turkey questions. If it’s menu anxiety you’re feeling right now, use our Thanksgiving Menu Maker to select recipes and get a shopping list and timeline […]

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To Stage or Not to Stage?

Posted by Joe Greaves // November 15, 2017

The flip is over. The renovations are all complete but now comes the next Selling It. Even the most stylish homes upgraded with the finest materials can have trouble selling if they have no appeal or character presented to potential buyers. This is the purpose of good staging. Staging a home for sale is not […]

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Define Life by Your Own Rules

Posted by Joe Greaves // November 14, 2017

Do you feel satisfied?   Are you content?  Or do you just get through the days doing what you need to do because it pays the bills or it is expected of you?  From our early childhood years through young adulthood, we are programmed to live a certain life.  We get up, we go to school […]

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